Radon Mitigation Sealants

Gorillia PVC Self Priming Cement

Gorilla PVC Cement is The "Green" PVC Glue. It's virtually odorless, non-flammable, self priming (no nasty primers needed), low VOC, dries white and cleans up with water.

For schedule 80 through 3 inch diameter and all other classes and schedules through 6 inch diameter. Approved for potable water, DWV, sewer, drain, pressure systems to 160 psi, gas, electric, conduit and hot water to 185 deg F. Combustible do not expose to flame. Usable temperature range: 40-140 degrees F. Not approved for use with ABS or CPVC.

4oz. Gorilla PVC Cement ........$5.75
8oz. Gorilla PVC Cement ........$8.75
16oz. Gorilla PVC Cement ......$14.75

Radon Pro PGS Caulk

Radon Pro PGS, formally sold as Dynatrol, is a polyurethane sealant that provides excellent adhesion and flexibility to stay put. Recommended for plastic membrane adhesion to cement. We use Radon Pro for sealing all radon vent pipes into floors. It has a 30 year life expectancy.
Coverage: 32 liner feet per 1/4" bead

Color: gray

Case price is $5.99 per 10.3 oz. tube

Radon Pro singles..........$8.99
Radon Pro case (24)......$143.76    

Titebond Low VOC Radon Sealant

Titebond Radon Sealant is an elastomeric acrylic caulk. VOC compliant, 50 year life, paintable and easy water cleanup. Great for sealing foundation cracks.

Coverage: 32 liner feet per 1/4" bead
Color: gray

Case price is $4.99 per 10.3 oz. tube

Titebond Radon singles.......$5.99
Titebond Radon case (12)...$59.88

1" and ½" Backer Rod

Backer rod is important when sealing large gaps. It allows caulk to span a gap without ripping loose. In the example above backer rod is used  where the radon pipe enters the floor before caulk is applied.

A 2' piece is required for 4" pipe.
1/2" will work with 1/4" to 5/8" gaps.
1" is fine for 3/4" to 1-1/8" gaps.
We can provide other sizes if required.
Please add the # of feet required in the shopping cart.

1/2" Foam Backer Rod ...$.14 per/ft
1" Foam Backer Rod......$.29 per/ft

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