Radon Diagnostic Tools

Chemical smoke is an important part of radon diagnostic procedures. Smoke is used to determine air pressure field extension and flow rate of a mitigation fan.

Smoke can also check for leaks in the floor and walls after a mitigation system is operating. And never to be over looked is using smoke to test for back drafting of combustion appliances. Back drafting is often a contributing factor of high carbon monoxide levels in homes.

20 Pack of Splintax Smoke matches provide 20 to 25 seconds of cool white smoke, they are non-toxic smoke emitters. These smoke matches provide a quick and inexpensive method of generating a small burst of smoke.

20 Splintax Smoke Matches......$13.95      


This is the tool used by serious radon mitigators. This provides accurate readings of pressure differentials under the slab. This enables us to size fans more accurately and determine proper location for additional suction points. Measurements are provided in WC or Pascals....001wc or 0.1Pa

Also the time average feature is great to quantify wide fluctuations found in some difficult homes.

Ifiltec Micro-manometer...$495.00

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