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Asbestos Test Kits

Homeowner asbestos test kits can be very useful and cost effective...

Asbestos test kit

If you own a home that was constructed prior to the 1980's, it may have materials that contain asbestos. The biggest problem with asbestos comes when you disturb it and release the fibers into the air. This would be especially the case if you are preparing to start a remodeling project. If in doubt get a test kit before you start tearing things apart.

Obtaining the suspect material sample needs to be done very carefully and in strict accordance with the test's directions. Please remember it's when the material is handled, rubbed or hit is when asbestos fibers will break lose and become air born and thus becoming very dangerous. Please be careful!

Asbestos Testing Guidelines

  • Use of a respirator or dust mask is advisable
  • A plastic drop cloth under where the sample is to be taken will allow for a thorough clean up

  • Use plastic gloves to avoid contact with your skin
  • Saturate the area with a soap and water solution
  • Using a sharp knife or chisel cut a complete cross section of the suspect material
  • Seal the sample in the sample bag provide

If you are worried about doing a homeowner test yourself, you can always just get a professional asbestos abatement contractor to do the testing for you.

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