Healthful Effects of
Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light

The beneficial effects of ultraviolet light have been recognized for years. Yet, not all UV light is healthy and of course some is down right dangerous. However, in the C bandwidth there is a precise range of light that is very interesting. This exact slice of very desirable UV light is UVC - 253.7 nanometers, also known as the germicidal bandwidth.

C Bandwidth

It is very effective at killing microorganisms, but unable to penetrate the dead layer of our skin and although it would irritate the eyes after prolonged exposure the effects would not cause lasting harm.

One study conducted over 19 year period in a hospital operating room to study the effects of the UV-C bandwidth found some very beneficial results.

The same surgeon performed 5,980 total joint replacements

  • Without germicidal UV light the rate of infection was 1.77%
  • With germicidal UV light the rate dropped to .57%

Thus there was a 3.1 times greater chance of infection without UV-C disinfection.

The American Medical Association estimates that 50% of all illness are caused by polluted indoor air. In many buildings contaminants such as bacteria, mold, fungi and assorted spores are quite prevalent. A major source or method of distribution of these contaminates is the HVAC system found in many homes today.

Think about this... the warm and often moist environment found in heating and air conditioning ducts is just perfect for these living organisms to reproduce. When the fan switches on these pollutants are easily spread throughout the building.

How can you enjoy the beneficial effects of ultraviolet light at home or in the office?

Since many of these pollutants are found after the filter and near the exchangers for the furnace and air conditioning. These UV-C lights are mounted inside the duct work safely from view. As the furnace fan circulates air from the house the air passes across the UV light rays which effectively neutralizing up to 98% these microorganisms.

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