Furnace Air Purifiers

Furnace air purifiers are an excellent way to combat air quality issues in your home. Your HVAC duct system will effectively circulate the air with in a building many times per hour. Thus an in the duct type purifier will simply and effectively clean more air.

All furnaces come with some type of filter which is good at trapping dust and other large particulates. But you need something more, to target smaller often times more dangerous particles.

UV-C furnace air purifiers mount inside of the duct work and sterilize the air in the building as it funnels past the light. It destroys pathogens such as airborne bio-agents, viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew.

When installed within sight of the air conditioning coils you'll enjoy additional benefits; UV light actually help clean the coils of mold and slime that accumulate because of the damp conditions found there.

A clean furnace translates into increased energy savings as the air flows smoothly through the furnace coil.

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