Black Mold Symptoms

The most common black mold symptoms will be quite similar to the common cold or flu like.

Due to different sensitivities to mold only one or a few persons may experience any noticeable symptoms in your household. So to diagnosis your symptoms from a mold source may be difficult to pinpoint. But if you have a visible mold problem or strong musty odors in your home, cleaning up the problem may cure your symptoms.

Black Mold Symptoms

  • headaches that occur only at home
  • watering eyes and itchy throat much like an allergic reaction

  • excessive coughing and mucus secretion
  • in severe cases the lungs will start to bleed

If you have a mold problem, you also have some type of moisture source to find and fix. Once the leak or condensation source is remedied then you can clean the surface where the black mold has formed.

With the moisture problem solved and a thorough job of cleaning, your mold symptoms should subside.

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