The Effects of Radon Gas

The effects of radon gas have been well studied and proven. With out a doubt radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoking. Radon gas causes more deaths than carbon monoxide, asbestos, and mold combined. Deaths in the United States are estimated at about 22,000 deaths per year from radon gas that is trapped in our homes.

Radon Warning

How do we know?

Studies have been conducted on miners who have worked in measured levels of radon under ground. Thus conclusive evidence has been recorded to show a clear link between radon exposure and lung cancer.

Another study conducted was the Iowa Radon Lung Cancer Study. This study was based in Iowa, a state with with one of the highest average radon levels in the US. Also of note is a very non-mobile population. People in Iowa tend to spend there lives in one house for many years. Again very good data was collected and with out a doubt it was found that radon gas causes lung cancer. Learn more about this study...

How to protect yourself

The only way to know if radon effects your home is to test for it. Testing is an easy do it yourself project and inexpensive too. Why not get a test today.

I have found an inexpensive source of radon test kits for a little as $16.00. They provide great customer service and carry quality testing products. Check them out here...

You can order you test kit or a digital monitor, preform the test and have your results, all in about 2 weeks!

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