Indoor Air Pollution Prevention

An Easy Change You Can Make Today!

Indoor air pollution prevention can be as simple as kicking off your shoes. 

air pollution prevention

Yes, our shoes come into direct contact with dust, pollen, pesticides, and fertilizers which can then be scattered through out the home. This can adversely affect the indoor air quality of the home and worse yet come into direct contact with young children and pets who more contact with the floor than adults.

So not only is removing your shoes at the front door a simple technique for polluted indoor air prevention, you will also notice a marked improvement in the general cleanliness of the home.

Keeping Polluted Air Outside

Another way to increase indoor air quality is to limit the infiltration of polluted air from outside the home. This would be of special concern especially if live near high traffic roadways or industrial areas.

A major IAQ concern is attached garages. When we arrive at home a certain amount of exhaust fumes will be trapped in the garage if the door is closed immediately. 

This calls for a good seal between the house and the garage. Make sure that the seal on the door between the house and garage is well maintained. Also be sure that fresh air intakes are not placed where exhaust fumes from a running car in the driveway could enter the home. 

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Avoid Bring Chemicals into Your Home

Finally, buy furnishings that don't off-gas harmful chemicals into the home. Buy cleaning products that limit your exposure to toxins.

There are many environmentally safe cleaning products and low VOC furnishings to choose from today that are a great way to clean up the air in your home.

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