UV Light Mold Air Purifiers

Mold air purifiers are an effect way to treat mold in the damp and dark environment of your buildings duct system. Mold and mold spore control is always treated best by eliminating moisture sources in the confined spaces of a building. But the physics of cool moist air traveling through and condensing inside of your duct work really can't be stopped. Fungi have been found growing in ducts, air filters and coiling coils. This can contribute to an increase in allergic rhinitis, asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

How do they work?

Air purifiers are installed directly into the your furnace ducting. This directs powerful UV-C light on the major sources of moisture problems in the home, the air conditioning coils and whole house humidification systems located near your furnace blower.

Studies have shown that ultra violet light is extremely effective at nearly eliminating all mold issues from air-handling units. Calutech's units are rated among the most powerful purifiers on the market today. They also have the added feature of the unique OxyCat sleeve that is highly effective at eliminating odors, VOCs and virus throughout your home as well.

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