The New Wisconsin
Carbon Monoxide Law

Governor Jim Doyle signed the Wisconsin Carbon Monoxide law on March 13, 2010. This new law requires CO detector in all single family and duplex type residences. The effective date for this is February 1, 2011. You can view the entire text of the law here.

How to comply?

The law states that all bedrooms must have a unit installed in a common area with 21 feet of each bedroom. The law also requires a unit on each level of the home in a common area, like a hallway or family room.

Carbon Monoxide Kills

Just a week before the new law was to go into effect an 88 year old Auburn, WI man and his dog were found dead in their home. The culprit was faulty furnace that was spewing this odorless gas in to the home. So without a detection device it's very difficult to realize the problem before it's too late. This type of tragedy occurs about 200 times a year in the Untied States.

What do I need to protect myself?

Make sure you have a CO detector installed in your home.

We offer a detector, that not only alerts you to high levels of carbon monoxide, but high levels of propane and methane gas in your home.

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