Indoor Air Pollution
a Global Tragedy

Indoor Air pollution a global tragedy? Could that really be so?
Please read this brief explanation to learn why indoor air pollutants have become such a major health concern today. Then pick an issue that may be affecting you today and do a little exploring.
Enjoy and good health to you!

Index of Indoor Air Pollutants

What’s your perception of air pollution?

air pollution

Where would you feel safer?


Recent studies have shown that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. In fact indoor air is quite often a cause of greater health problems than the polluted air we may encounter outside our homes.

Consider this…

How much time do you spend indoors? Of course, the answer will vary. The truth is... in our modern non-agricultural society, Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors! 65% of that time is spent in our own homes.

Another thought…

How do we build homes today? The tighter the better has been the rule for years. Yes, we strive to seal every leak to keep the fresh air out.

The result... we are forced to breathe what ever the box that we live or work in contains!

Indoor air quality is thus a very important aspect of our lives.

Just as the food we eat during our life has a direct bearing on our quality of life, likewise, the same is true of the air we take into our lungs some 22,000 times everyday!

The reality …

More lives are lost to indoor air pollution issues than alcohol related car accidents in the US each year. For instance radon gas induced lung cancer takes more than 20,000 lives per year. Compare this to 17,000 drunken driving accidents in 2004. This is just one of many Indoor Air Quality dangers. Globally the total figure is 1.6 million deaths per year.

Index of Indoor Air Pollutants

Our Mission

  • Increase awareness of these serious consequences that affect us all.
  • Help you wade through the many different facets of indoor air pollution.
  • Show you how to avoid scams and exaggerated claims that are rampant in this relatively new field.
  • To provide advice on products and services that will clean your home of health problems related to indoor air pollution.

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