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Jul 28, 2010
Radon Mitigation and Home Sale
by: Val

Thanks for your insight and encouragement...I figured this out after a year of offering all kinds of advice with the hope of a small consulting fee and the purchase of materials. Most took the advice and bought the materials for the cheapest price else where. One of the mantras of the company that helped me to build my site is to over deliver good content as this will lead to sales. The term they use for this is "pre-selling" or trust building. After a year of around 1.5 sales per month I loaded the site with most of my info and business soared the first month. Anyway your observations are appreciated and have proven very true in my case.

If you follow my recommendations you should have no problems with a home sale and radon mitigation system. If the home inspector can't find any major issues with the install and the home tests low, it'll be just like a homeowner doing his own plumbing or electrical work. You may even do a better job than the local installers.


Jul 28, 2010
Radon Mitigation Price
by: Anonymous

Hi Val -

My wife insisted on a local 'licensed' installer, I was able to apply my newly acquired knowledge of the process to negotiate a price based on labor and materials instead of 'the neighborhood' or the FUD factor that surrounds residential radon. Bids went from $1800 (two suction points and a high suction fan) down to 875 (one suction point and a lesser fan with a fixed price agreement on 2nd suction point and fan if needed later). Some of this was simply because I pointed out that I had an exterior electric tap 18" away from the fan location, and that electric work involved opening the side punch-out and wiring into the existing circuit... Down to 2.4 now

I guess business is slow as the abatement/mitigation work follows real estate sales volume. Then our sale fell through. At least I have a working radon solution now. I wish she let me build it myself, because I think I could have saved a few hundred more!

In any event, thank you for your website and I will recommend you to anyone who asks about radon systems, which could be all my friendly neighbors who see the new pipe in its discrete location by the chimney..


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