7 pCi/L in NE Indiana - down to 1 pCi/L post mitigation

by Vince
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Our house was about to sell but failed the radon test at 7 pCi/L. A passive system had been installed 25 years ago by the prior owner which was doing virtually nothing. After filling out the survey page, I received a quick reply the next day. After determining that there was a sand base under our slab home, Val provided his recommendation for our active mitigation system. I purchased the equipment from Val including a charcoal test kit. The system was installed the next weekend and ran the system for 2 days prior to the post-mitigation test. The test results were 1 pCi/L which is well below the buyer's requirement of 4 pCi/L. We are now set to close in 2 weeks which is terrific in this tough market and I saved $700 versus the professional estimates. Thanks Val!

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