Adding a fan to my Passive Radon System

Hi Val,

My house originally tested at 35pCi/L with the electronic meter. I was
absolutely shocked - my house had a passive radon pipe! How could it
be so high?

I sealed the basement slab perimeter and brought it down to 11pCi/L, a
good improvement, but not enough.

I purchased an RP145 fan from you. I was certain it wouldn't be
enough, as the deck was stacked against me. The builder's passive tube
was a joke - it was 3" PVC (for a 3250sqft house!), it penetrated and
dead-ended in a corner of the basement with no suction pit, and the 3"
pipe run was a long run with many elbows up to the roof. But for $175 for the fan and accessories to install,
what did I have to lose? I installed the fan a week ago.

I am pleased to say that I am now getting consistent readings of
0.7pCi/L! I am absolutely floored. Clearly the fan (combined with the
careful slab sealing) provided enough negative pressure to do the job.
Thank you so much for helping this weekend warrior protect his family
from the dangers of radon.

- Chris

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Sep 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

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May 29, 2012
Need advice!
by: Anonymous

May I know which fan did you install? I have a similar case like yours: a passive 3" PVC pipe and 3500 sq/ft Thank you in advance!

With a passive system with 3" pipe installed the Radonaway RP145 is the best fan to use for maximum air flow. It's a 4" fan so 3x4 rubber couplings will be required.

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