Answer to radon problem!

by Kev
(Elizabethtown, PA USA)

My parents came to me upset one day, they had their radon tested and it came back as 50pCi/L which they mentioned was very high. I suggested they get an estimate for some information, and I would do some research online since I knew nothing about radon. I found Val's site, and although skeptical that someone would give information for nothing, I decided to look into it. Well to make a long story short, after a few conversations to Val, and $250 in materials, I installed the unit for my parents (btw, the estimate was made for $900+) A few days later, they found local radon testing lab, and first test for radon came back @ 0.6pCi/L!! Here is a few pics of the installation. Thanks again Val!! God bless!! ~Kevin Hagens

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