Asbestos Dangers Graph

Asbestos death graph

It is clear that asbestos dangers are a real concern, but how often do we hear about it? Yet every homicide or house fire regularly hits the front page. The truth is that many homes built prior to 1980 have building materials that contain this dangerous mineral and the mortality rate is expected climb for another decade or so.

Don't second guess the seriousness of this IAQ issue. If in doubt get a test kit or have an asbestos abatement contractor have a look today!

Interestingly this graph fails to show another serious IAQ pollutant of epidemic proportions, radon. It causes the loss 20,000+ lives annually, ranking it right along side AIDS. Radon is a silent killer, causing lung cancer. Do it yourself test kits for radon are simple to use and cheap. Give yourself some peace of mind, test today!

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