Awesome Customer Care

by Matt

In 2o+ yrs of the construction trade, I don't believe I've run into another contractor that was so easy to communicate with and actually offered sound advise with no mention at all of any design or service charges.

Val responded to my questions timely and concisely. One thing I hate to do is repeat myself over and over to this guy then to that guy. You WON'T find that here, Val seems to be a to-the-point guy.

If you don't want the run around from maybe a inexperienced contractor or the confusion of going to your local big box store and talking to a 18yr old store manager, whose mind is on Friday night, you'll want to check out Val's whole website.

After reading all the facts about radon on his site and reading about what I could do, I was left with the confidence to tackle this job on my own, but I do want to remind all that I'm am a carpenter by trade, so I do have the skills and tools to build with.

I did have a couple of questions regarding my particular situation, but Val quickly answered them, so I could see no reason not to place a order. I did check with my local box store before my purchase and found out Val's prices were no where near out of line. And with his personal attention to my project, I was willing to pay the shipping vs going it alone. The shipping charge for an Iowa delivery were not expensive either, so I feel very satisfied.

The world would truly be a better place if there were more Vals out there. Not often will you find a person that will give up there vast knowledge without a hitch. Good job.

Keep up the great work Val, and if I ever run into anyone thinking about installing a radon system, I will absolutely send them your way.

Thank You
Matt in IA

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