Calutech UV-C BlueRay Atho-60
System Review

by Alan S.
(Pittsburgh, PA USA)

Two holes made for the Calutech installation.

Two holes made for the Calutech installation.

The musty basement air is extremely reduced and completely gone in the 1st & 2nd floors! I'm very pleased with the BlueRay unit. It is very well built and solid. I'd recommend this unit to anyone concerned about indoor air quality.

SEE PICTURES! I installed the UV germicidal lights above the AC coils. Installation took about 2 hours and was straight forward. Just be sure to have a bi-metal 2" hole saw to cut metal. Also, before cutting the holes, cover the area and coils to keep the metal shavings out.

Calutech's website refers to sterilizing the air. If you talk with a licensed HVAC tech they say that is not possible with just 2 UV-C bulbs. They will explain to you how UV-C disinfects and keeps the AC coils clean, thus preventing mold growth onto running wet coils. It has to do with UV-C radiation exposure time and distance from the UV-C light to kill various organisms. There is not enough time however to kill mold in the air, as air passes too quickly by the UV lights, they explain. The goal is to keep the coils mold free and yes UV-C lights will do that.

Having worked in a hospital lab for 20 years this all made sense and was solid physics. The catch is that my AC coils looked mold-free before the BlueRay installation and the coils were bone dry from being Fall -- but somehow the Calutech unit GREATLY IMPROVED THE AIR IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE. Go figure! Just buy it, you will be pleased.

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