Concrete Basement + Dirt Crawl Space DIY Success

by Don
(Western NY State)

We live in western NY State in an area known for high radon levels.

Decided to test & found high readings (15 - 25 pCi/L in our living space and 400+ pCi/L in a sump pump pit in the basement.

House is a one story ranch with ~1,200 sqft poured concrete basement walls /floor as well as a 100 sqft dirt crawl space.

Contractor pricing was unreasonable in my opinion and decided to go DIY with help from a contractor friend that was scheduled to do other work for me.

I found the Healthy Air Solutions website interesting and very helpful. Val was extremely helpful at pointing me towards a creative approach to mitigation with a system to handle both the concrete slab and crawl space. Using Val's recommendations I speced & purchased the system components from Val. With help from my contractor, we installed the system and plastic sheet covering in the crawl space.

A couple weeks after system start-up my readings are <1.0 pCi/L and I am continuing to test and fine tune the balancing between the crawl space and under slab portions of the system.

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