Creative Radon Sump Cover

Sump Cover for Radon System

Sump Cover for Radon System

Thank you for your help in specifying the size and type of equipment to use in my radon mitigation system (see attached picture of the vented sump crock). I used 3” vent pipe routed from the sump crock through an interior closet to the RP145 fan in the attic, and terminated through a roof penetration. At the crock, I used the top of an open-head plastic drum siliconed to the floor to create an enclosure that could be opened easily if I needed to get access to the pumps, and the 2” sealed bung gives me a good inspection port.

I finished installing the system 1/2/10 and re-tested for radon on 3/3/10 (2 months of the system running 24/7 with all doors/windows closed). The initial levels were already fairly low at only 8 pCi/L in the basement , so I was pleased to see the new levels at 0.8 pCi/L in the basement and 0.3 upstairs.

Thanks again for your assistance!


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