Diy Radon Abatement Broomfield, CO

by Barry
(Broomfield, CO)

We purchased a house at the end of April 2010 and didn't get a radon test prior to purchasing. A few months we by and I saw the radon testing kit at Home Depot. We purchased it and did the test. The results came back at 23.5 (the average should be between 2-4). We knew we needed to do some mitigation at that point. After calling around a few places and getting quotes around $1200, I decided to do some research and see if DIY would be an option. I found everything I needed at this site and even called Val with some questions. After spending just $650 total (including me getting a new hammer drill and the pipe and fittings at Home Depot), I was able to install a mitigation system in approx. 6 hours by myself. My readings are now down below 2. If you are handy at all, this isn't such a hard task to accomplish. I would recommend DIY mitigation and save some money. Will post some pics later of my system.

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