Fantastic Results, and Fast

by Eric
(Johnson City, NY)

When we moved into a new home, radon was the last thing on our mind. But our inspection revealed very high levels. Continuous monitoring showed 20-30 pCi/L. A box fan and open window got levels down to 8 or so, with a trade-off in heat and humidity (and a totally overwhelmed dehumidifier).

I discovered this website from a google search and decided to build my own mitigation after one mitigator told me I was too far away, and another quoted me "at least 1000" during a home show.

Val's checklist is the way to go. I got an RP145 fan, the installation kit, 4-3inch adapters, power cord, and sealant. I got some 3 inch PVC from a local home store.

Luckily I had an unused laundry vent through the center of the house that I ran the pipe through, and then up through the roof. I had a friend come help put a 3.5 inch hole in the concrete in the basement. Installation of the PVC was simple from there, and installation/assembly of the fan was simple. Running romex is never fun, but wasn't difficult. Sealing some small cracks in the basement was straightforward.

My radon levels dropped from 20-30, to UNDER 0.2. I am amazed at how well a small, 3 inch system can work. My basement is now safer, more climate controlled, and finally for the first time years, confidently usable.

Thank you so much. This website made the whole process a lot simpler than I expected.

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