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by Amgad

The full term of the project took me a month from thinking of the idea till 90% complete (now). I did it step by step by myself (my son helped a little) in a 3800 ranch with about 3800 finished basement.

Bout almost everything i needed form this site, at least 85% from my knowledge I also acquired from this site.
Nothing that I read here was wrong or out of context.
At the beginning i thought i will run the pipe through the attic and the roof, then i changed my mind when i noticed home much damage and repair in the room in the first floor i will have to go through
I had to rent a professional hammer drill from Home Depot for four hours to open three holes (basement slab, crawl space and the side of the natural stone side of the house)
At the very end i made a huge mistake that is a bit funny and very stupid as well (don't laugh too hard at me please) I accidentally powered the fan 220 volts for about 1/2 hr and so far it appears that it didn't damage it. It stopped working after 10 min and when it cooled of it worked again (on 220) cycled through then i discovered my mistake and gave it 110 so far so good.
digging the holes in the concrete was a first time experience for me and was not too bad given the right tool.
I ran the piping over a week or so a bit each night after work.
overall not a terrible project that i think I save about $1000 as i was quoted $1800, I live in Ohio.
Lots of credit for the folks running this site and previous users and their inspiring stories.
Let me know if you have any questions

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