Great Homemade Radon Sump System Cover


Acrylic Sump Cover

Acrylic Sump Cover


Well, I told you I'd send results after installing my radon system. I've enclosed my pit making a box out of acrylic. The box can be removed without disturbing the plumbing for the sump pit. During the winter my radon level was between 5.7 & 6.2, at which time I decided to do something. As I acquired all the stuff I needed it did drop to around the 2.4 area and I was wondering if I really needed to do anything. After installing the system, it has slowly dropped to .7 in approx one week. I'm very pleased with the results and only have to install the manometer at this point. I've attached pictures of the box I built fyi. Thanks for everything, I am a very pleased customer!!

Thanks, Paul

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Feb 06, 2022
how did you attach the cover to the floor
by: mike

How is it going?
Nice job on the cover. Im in Southern Ca and I've been monitoring my radon level, which is averaging about 10 to 15 pCi. We have sandy loam clay like soil and I'll need to make a bigger pit opening for my mitigation fan system. How did you attach it to the floor in the form of sealing it.

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