Great Service For Once

by Tom A

I had noticed several houses in my neighborhood had these 4" plastic pipes on the side of their house. Come to find out many had radon systems installed. They all said it ran around $1000 to $1200. I contacted Val after I had done my first short term radon test in my house. It was roughly around 8 pci/L. Val advised me on how to run my pipe inside my home and also the type of fan to use based upon the information I had given to him. I am actually the lucky one to have been able to run the pipe from my sump pit in the basement to my garage and into the attic. I am so happy that I don't have a huge pipe on the exterior of my house. Anyways, I just got done installing my radon reduction system and just received my results. I think overall we spent a total of about $300 versus the $1000 or $1200 for a contractor. Thanks for Val, the radon in my house is less than 0.6 pci/L. I cannot say enough how knowledgeable and professional Val is when it comes to radon reduction systems. I also insulated the pipe in the attic as recommended by Val so the pipe does not sweat. Val, thanks so much for your professional expertise, your great customer service and most of all helping other people without expecting anything in return. I would recommend Val to anyone looking for a radon system.

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