Idaho Radon System Success

by Chris
(Inkom, Idaho, USA)

I recently purchased a home and in the preinspection, I had a professional radon test performed. The results were ~40+ pC/l.

I decided that I was going to install the system and Indoor Air Health Advisor is the place to go for the parts.

I knew little about radon until my test results came back and I started to research. I received some good info, advise and reassurance from the website.

I purchased a href="">radon continuous monitor and verified it was reading very close to the lab results of a mail in test. Just prior to installing and operating my system I was getting 51 pC/l. I reset the monitor and 48 hrs later I had a reading of 3.9 and dropping. I haven't even finished sealing all the cracks in my unfinished basement floor. Ultimately I completed this project at 1/3 the cost of the lowest contractor bid, not counting my time. I put about 15 hours into it overall.

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