New Jersey Radon DIY

by Don Kraft
(Stillwater NJ US)

I built my home 35 years ago. Our house was about to sell but failed the radon test at 14 pCi/L.

Under my basement floor is hard pan and shale and I thought the system wouldn't work but the radon level is down to 1 pCi/L.
It was very hard to dig the pit so I used a small pressure washer and a wet vacuum to dig the hole under the floor. It worked great; I carried the slurry from the wet vacuum out in five gallon pails.
I also installed a 90 degree elbow on the top of the pipe above the roof. This keeps out all the rain water. I also installed the animal screen on the end of the elbow.
Be aware if you are from NJ the state now requires a NJ licensed radon testing facility to do the test which is recorded by the state.
I highly recommend dealing with Val. I could not beat his prices either.

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