Passive to Active Radon System

by Robert R
(Chester, NJ)

I recently upgraded from a Passive to an Active Radon System, leveraging my Sump Cover, that was previously installed when the house was built in 1995. I purchased a NEW solid sump cover from Home Depot, that is built in two parts - to allow a good seal with the basement floor and piping. I installed a Radon Away RP145 fan in the attic. Previously my radon levels reached 2.0, and now averaging 0.9 - so not bad, but I thought is would be much lower. Looking at my manometer, it is showing a suction of 0.3. My question, should my suction be higher than 0.3 OR is that common with use of the Sump for radon mitigation?

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Jan 23, 2021

by: Val

A manometer reading of .3"WC with the RP145 roughly translates to 140CFM which is what you would expect for a correctly installed passive system or drawing from a drain tiled sump system. Lower pressure would mean more flow and higher pressure less flow. So you are doing quite well.

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