Radon down from
38pCi/L to 1.0pCi/L

by Monte
(Gaithersburg MD)

Radon levels down from 38 pCi/L (pre-fix) to a safe 1.0 pCi/L after fan on for about 1 week. I used Safety Siren PRO SERIES 3 Radon Gas Detector and am now verifying the reading with a carbon test. I have a duplex and 2 slabs to ventilate so I needed to connect 2 holes to one outlet pipe and fan. Pros suggested a larger fan but I read a report that said 90% of installations are over installed. I tried the energy efficient model, which supposedly runs quieter, cooler, and has a far smaller failure rate than the larger fans. It worked fine for me. The slabs were 500 square feet each. I also did an inside installation with the PVC running from the basement through a closet on the main level, and into the attic crawl space, where the fan was installed.

The exchange policy for fans with this vendor is a great idea, because if the smaller fan did not work, I could just exchange for the larger fan. But it works, so we are pleased. Neighbors are now inquiring about fixes for their homes.

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