Radon Fix
Duncannon PA

by Nick
(Duncannon, PA)

After some light prodding from my wife, I tested my basement for radon using a mail-in tester. Since my home's construction was fairly new, I was amazed to see a test result showing a radon level of 85. Needless to say, I knew something needed done to fix this problem. Since I had some experience in carpentry and plumbing, I looked into mitigating the problem myself. Surfing the Internet, I came across "www.indoor-air-health-advisor.com", a site managed by Val Riedman. Val is a radon expert. The information on his site was just what I needed.

I began correspondence with Val, who offered me free expert advice and patiently addressed my many questions. With Val's guidance, I designed a "sump" system that I vented through my attached garage roof. I used 4" pipe and the R140 radon fan. The R140 is very economical to run. There was some trial and error in constructing my system and with that came a need for multiple radon tests. My investment in the Pro-Series-3 electronic radon tester was a smart one. I added a piece of Lexan to my original sump lid. The Lexan allows me to see into the sump pit and drain my dehumidifier and the basement sink.

Absent Val's guidance and reassurance, my job would have been much more difficult, if not impossible. I am now seeing a radon level on average of about 2.1 .
85 to 2.1 - not bad.

Thanks Val!!

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