Radon Fix - Omaha NE

by Phillip Thomas
(Omaha, NE)

My initial radon test came back at 14+ pi/l. I contacted Val and told him what I was up against. He walked me through it and got me the right parts and fan. Here's a short overview:

-I had hard, damp clay soil (Omaha, NE)
-I had to find a way to route the pipe into the attic from the basement (after 3 tries found an unobstructed wall chase)
-I dug out about 12 gal. of soil and called Val explaining the soil-He said "keep on diggin, the more area I could get out the better". I ended up taking out 21+ gallons of soil and with a 1 1/2" spade bit loosened up the dirt I could no longer reach by hand.
-Putting together the piping and routing to the attic was easy, the hardest part was the roof penetration (I hate cutting holes in my roof).
-My system started pulling at 3.4"WC and about 2 weeks later dropped to about 3.2"WC and has remained there since.
-A follow-up radon test resulted in 0.6 pCi/l. (I'd say the mitigation system worked).

Thanks for all the advise Val and product recommendations. I compared Val's prices all over and he is as cheap if not cheaper than anywhere. Plus you get his advise. I spent a total of $380 give or take a few dollars for everything not including my labor. With quotes of $900 for exterior routing (did NOT want to do that) to $1350+ I think I saved a good chuck of change.

Thanks again Val.


Phil Thomas
Omaha, NE

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