Radon Fan In Miami??? Yes even here!

Radon Fan In Miami??? Yes even here!

Hello all! Well I first learned of RADON when I purchased my house and the Realtor said "RADON is everywhere and nothing u can do about it" So i signed the RADON WAIVER on the purchase agreement.. Years later I ran across info about RADON GAS IN FLORIDA.. Anyhow when I started to research I came across RADON GAS in detail.. , but never less RADON interest me. So I bought a SAFETY SIREN detector .. To test my house

I will try to be brief here:
1) TESTED living room and it was 13.5pci.. I was shocked since i read it should not be higher than 4.0pci.. So i thought "NAH impossible. "
2) TESTED again 12.1... I called Safety Siren to ensure i was doing it right
3) TESTED my sons room 14.8pci.. WHAT I was getting little upset..
4) So now i went and purchased CHARCOAL TEST KITS.. I PAID FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING BY KIDDIE/TESTING. I spent like 60$ total. The test results came back at 2-3.0pci.. I was like COOOL. Maybe this DETECTOR IS BAD!!

I tried my house again and it was 10.1pci.. BTW ALL MY TEST ARE ONLY DONE 48hrs so they are not the best but gives u an idea...(actually 1 test lasted4 days with WINDOWS CLOSE was 17.1)

Okay now I am confused so I hired a PROFESSIONAL. the came back with LEVEL 15pci+.. And I read on a website to test your SAFETY SIREN RADON TEST by leaving it outside and my results were .2.. SO I REALIZE I MUST HAVE A ISSUE AND THAT THE KIDDIE CHARCOAL TEST ARE NOT WORTH A DAM BY THE REVIEWS..

Well during all this I ran into Val's website and saw he offers support.. I called him and to my surprised he talked to me and explain to me the process of depressurizing my slab. The PROFESSIONAL RADON GUY I ORIGINAL HIRED WANTED TO PUT IN A SPECIAL AIR SYSTEM INSTEAD FOR 2500$.. Okay now i get to the GOOD STUFF

Out of frustration and money I decided I at least gotta try and do this myself:
1) I order like 200$ in supplies from Val
2) bought the PVC pipe from H.Depot and rented a BIG HAMMER DRILL WITH A 6" CONCRETE HOLE BIT

3) I DRILLED MY 6" HOLE IN THE ROOM WITH THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF RADON(some says you can install it anywhere in the house, but the HIGHEST AREA is usually your best
shot)--I took back the DRILL AND BIT TO H.Depot (70$ rental)- I drilled a HOLE IN THE FLOOR and in the ADJACENT WALL

4) I started digging for 2 days(4 hrs a time). I used hands and a 6' STEEL CRUNCH BAR that you use
to BREAK UP THE ROCK.. I used my hands to remove rock and a SHOP VAC to remove sand(USE THE SHOP VAC and sure makes everything easier.. Basically my GOAL WAS FILL a 5 GAL BUCKET UP WITH ROCK and THE 5 GAL SHOP VAC with SAND, THEN DUMP IT. I did this like 10-15 TIMES..

5)I THEN tried to figure out how to make a TIGHT FIT in the concrete hole.. I BOUGHT A 5 INCH PVC PIPE COUPLING. I then used a HAMMER AND A 2x4 to hammer the plastic coupling into the 6" inch diameter hole. I hammered it 1inch below the floor, then I put caulking on the TOP OF PVC coupling and floor for AIR TIGHT.. I then glued a 5" to 4" PIPE REDUCER(5" pvc stuff must be bought at special stores) AND YES I HAD TO USE A GRINDER TO GRIND DOWN THE 5" to 4" COUPLER because the 5" COUPLER WAS too tight in the concrete. BOY I MADE THIS JOB ALL OF HARDER THAN IT NEEDED TO BE, but when I was done it look real nice and EXTREMELY TIGHT.

6) I THEN INSTALLED A 5' -4" PVC PIPE INTO THE HOLE. I stuck it 3-5" below the bottom of the slab.. But 90 degree PVC and went out the WALL then another 90 degree UP and a 10' PVC PIP up on the wall(i had to use a 2x4 for flush fitting- i did not want to use a bunch of 45 degrees) Installed the FAN between it all and had a professional do the electric..

within 48hrs AFTER INSTALL OF THE FAN the result from 15+pCi/L dropped to 7, then within another 3 days dropped to 3, then under 1pCi/L..

So that's my story!! I feel better I made the effort to reduce my families exposure though who in the hell knows if these levels are really that bad, but u gotta make the effort.. VAL IS A PATIENT TOP NOTCH GUY and really wants to help! I kept trying to get him to sell me the BIGGER FAN and he talked me out of it and he was right.. When I read these reviews i thought all this must be bogus, but if u read my review i am sure if u can understand my horrible spelling/grammar you can tell I am just a normal working class guy!!! Val was just a big help to me I sent him TIP for his time.. He spend allot of time on the phone with me and i research his PRICES and AMAZON and EBAYS prices are a few bucks more than his so hell how much could he make on a 200$ order?? So I thought he deserved at least 20% tip



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Jan 24, 2021
Do you have pictures of the process ?
by: JAZ

I live in miami and I’m seeing high levels as well, planing to do this myself. Can you share some pictures

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