Radon System Helped Basement Moisture Levels

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the advice on the Radon fan selection and system installation. I chose to drill a new hole into the concrete slab in a mechanical room and then run the 4" piping out to the garage and up through the garage attic for a clean install with minimal impact on finished living area. Underneath the slab I found 2 - 3" of gravel. I was able to install the system in one day with no problems.

I just received the radon test results with the system installed and the level has dropped to 0.8 pCI/L ("before" was 5.7).

Additionally I've noticed that the system has reduced the humidity level in my basement by drawing the moist air out from underneath the slab.

Thank you for your advice and help in fan selection and answering my question on installation.

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