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radon test kit

A radon test kit is an effective and inexpensive way for you to determine the radon level in your home. Radon gas tests basically fall into two categories...

1. Short-term radon test kit (2 to 90 days)

A short-term device is most commonly used to determine the initial level of the home.

If the results of a short-term test are in the 4pCi/L to 10pCi/L range the EPA suggests that a follow up long-term test might be desired to access the average long-term level of the home. But if time is a factor another short-term testing kit may be used to verify the results of the first radon test.

2. Long-term meaning a test that is left for anywhere from 90 days to 1 year

A long term test kit can give you a better reading of your home's radon levels. Since radon levels tend to be higher when the home is closed up, like in the winter, these tests are a good way to get a clear picture of your overall radon exposure.

Need daily reassurance? You can also buy radon detectors that give you quite accurate reading around the clock. Many even keep track of the average level over a period of weeks or months. Check out the radon detectors we have available here.

The EPA has established 4pCi/L as the action level,
but the EPA also suggests to consider fixing the home if levels 
are between 2pCi/L and 4pCi/L...since radon poses some risk at any level!

Radon gas tests available for the public are charcoal canisters, alpha track, and charcoal liquid scintillation. These radon kits are readily available, easy to use and inexpensive.

In most cases, you just leave radon tests open in various areas of your home. You may need multiple test kits. It isn't advisable to move them once they are set.

It's best to test in your basement as this is where the most radon will be concentrated. However, it's a good idea to test different levels of the home if you have forced air systems and in different areas of the basement if there are parts closed off from each other.

To get a correct reading it's important to send the test in as soon as the allotted time has elapsed. Be sure to set a reminder for yourself, because really you just open the canister and leave it...it's easy to forget!

Radon Real Estate Transactions

If you are purchasing a home, a radon test should be an important part of the home inspection process. In this case, a radon measurement provider will be needed to perform the the test as a neutral party to the real estate transaction.

A high radon level should not be a deal buster, as radon reduction techniques can reduce levels to very acceptable levels.

Learn more about radon mitigation...

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