Radonaway RP145
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Radoanawy RP145 Pump

Radoanawy RP145 Pump

Hi Val,
Hey just wanted to give you an update on my radon mitigation status. I was able to install a two suction point system in my house with each suction point going through the slab. I dug the pits according to your instructions and found that the soil was a loose sand gravel mix. I took ~3 5 gallon buckets out of each location and then hooked the system up using the RP145. After several days of monitoring each of the different levels the highest values I've seen is 0.9 (and that's inside the crawl space where I have not fully treated the floor yet). My living spaces are measuring right around 0.6 (down from 11.0). Also, the fan noise levels inside my house are very low. I can only hear the fan when standing directly at its mounting location and even then its just barely audible.
I just wanted to send you an update and thank you again for all the advice and helpful tips. I will recommend your site and services to my friends in the area.

Thanks again and Happy New Year


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