Successful Radon Mitigation, from NY

by Frank
(Monroe, NY)

HP190SL installed at the rim joist.

HP190SL installed at the rim joist.

I found this site after two Radon tests showed elevated levels of 7.9pCi/L. I filled out the survey and within a day Val emailed me back with system recommendations and several attachments on how to test your soil communication and set up a system. I sent in several emails with more questions and always had a quick response. In return, I purchased all my equipment through this site, where the prices are more than competitive. My post mitigation test just came back at <0.4pCi/L.

Thank you Val for all of your help. This site is very informative, and gave me the tools and info I needed to tackle this project on my own. It not only saved me hundreds of dollars, but armed me with all the knowledge I needed to both set up and maintain my system.

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