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Power Cords for Radon Fans

3 and 6 foot power cords with strain relief connector.

3' Power cord w/connector...........$6.45
6' Power cord w/connector...........$8.45

If you already have a power cord for your radon fan you can buy the strain relief connector separately.

1/2" Strain relief connector only...........$2.75

Outdoor Electrical Kits

radon DIY

Outside systems require water tight electrical connections.

This kit includes:

  • 3 feet of flexible conduit
  • water tight box
  • single pole switch,
  • water tight cover
  • 1 straight connector and 1 adjustable 90 bend.

You will need to run your own wire based on the amperage
of the circuit used to power the fan.

This kit works for all fan models.

Outside electrical kit......$17.95

Outside Kit with Lock-out Cover

Same kit as above except the outside switch cover allows for a padlock to prevent tampering.

Outside kit w/lockout cover......$21.95

Example of Outside Radon Fan Wiring

radon wiring view

Your Own Wire is Added to the Outside Kit

The wire needed is not a fan cord that is sold on this page. You will use 12 or 14 gauge wire that matches the circuit used. Wire will be connected directly to the switch and fan.

HP190SL Fantech

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