DIY Radon Mitigation Kit
Supplies and Equipment

You will find this page to be a helpful guide for your DIY radon mitigation project. Please click on the photos or links to be directed to the different categories.

If you have no experience with radon mitigation systems, I'd be happy to help you out. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page if you want some advice.

Step One: Check Your Radon Level

Short-term tests, long-term tests and digital radon detectors
Available to check your home's radon level. This information will be helpful to determine how aggressive your radon mitigation system needs to be.

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Step Two: Choose Your Radon Fan

RP Series Fans
High flow fans that work good with sump pump systems and with porous soil conditions.

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GP Series Fans
High suction fans for difficult soil conditions.

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Radonaway GX Fan

GX ProSeries Fans
High suction fans for difficult soil conditions.

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XP/XR Series Fans 
Primarily used with high flow situations. This includes sump systems, drain tile and gravel fill.

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Fantech Radon Fans
A simplified series of radon fans which includes a great option for outdoor mitigation systems.

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For more info on how radon fans work click here.

Step Three: Add Needed Accessory Items

radon power

Power cords and outside system power kits
Mitigation fans do not come with power cords. Outdoor systems require special electrical boxes to protect electrical system from moisture.

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Radon manometer

Fan installation kits
Includes rubber couplings to connect radon fan to PVC pipe, U-tube manometer to measure fan performance, and system labels to comply with radon mitigation standards.

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radon mitigation

Special Sump Accessories
Sump covers with or without inspection ports. Seals and specially designed sump drains.

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Outdoor System Accessories
Route condensation around the radon fan on outside mitigation systems. Extends life of radon fan.

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PVC Pipe Accessories

Varmint guards, rain caps, trim collars and roof flashing.

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Pipe Hangers and Supports

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Nelson Fire Barriers

Pipes that penetrate a fire rated wall or ceiling need these.

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Polyurethane sealant for crack filling and sealing around radon pipes entering the floor.

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View special sealing options for crawlspaces...

Step Four: Make Sure Your System Works and Complies to Industry Standards

Diagnostic Tools
Check for back drafts or leaks.

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CO Alarm
A radon system can cause combustion appliances to back draft deadly carbon monoxide into the building. A CO alarm is important to have in all homes!

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Step Five: Recheck Your Radon Level

Follow up radon tests to check your results. Add a radon detector for continued peace of mind.

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