Fantech Radon Fans

Fantech radon fans are a favorite of many radon companies. They are reliable and quiet. There line includes the Rn2 SL one of my personal favorites for outside high flow situations.

Fantech recently simplified their line of radon fans making it easier to choose the fan that best fits your specific situation.

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Fantech Rn1

The Fantech Rn1 is specially designed for applications where lower pressure and flow are needed. Record low power consumption! Often used where there is good sub slab communication and lower Radon levels.

The Rn1 replaces Fantech model HP2133.

Note: 4x4 or 3x4 Install Kit will be needed to install this fan. See them on this page....

Fantech Rn1...$114.95

Fantech Rn2

The Rn2 Radon Mitigation Fan is the standard for Radon Mitigation. Works well in most situations. External wiring box for ease of connection. Waterproof gasket on wiring box.

The Rn2 replaces model HP2190.

Note: 4x4 or 3x4 Install Kit will be needed to install this fan. See them on this page....

Fantech Rn2...$119.95

Fantech Rn3

The Fantech Rn3 is an excellent choice for elevated radon levels, poor communication, multiple suction points, and/or large sub slabs.

The Rn3 replaces Fantech model HP220.

Note: 4x6 Install Kit will be needed to install this fan. See it on this page....

Fantech Rn3...$179.00

Rn Series Dimensions 

Fantech Rn2 SL

This fan works well for high flow situations with drain tile or french drains and with gravel. Good success can be expected on well sealed basement floors up to 2000 sq/ft. Comes with:

  • Slimline radon fan
  • Flexible sleeve coupling and stainless steel hose clamp for fan inlet connection to a 4" PVC pipe
  • Flexible, grey coupling and (2) stainless steel hose clamps for fan discharge connection to a 4" PVC pipe
  • Wall bracket for support via hose clamp connection to a vertical pipe riser 

Replaces Fantech model H190SLQ

See more detailed info and photos here....

Fantech Rn2 SL...$228.95

Fantech Fans Meet the Challenges of Radon Applications


  • UV resistant, UL listed durable plastic
  • UL Listed for use in commercial applications
  • Factory sealed to prevent leakage
  • Watertight electrical terminal box
  • Approved for mounting in wet locations – i.e. Outdoors


  • Totally enclosed for protection
  • High efficiency EBM motorized impeller
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Average life expectancy of 7-10 years under continuous load conditions


  • Five Year Full Factory Warranty
  • Over 1,000,000 successful radon installations worldwide

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