Radon Condensation Bypass

radon fan guard

Outside systems produce considerably more condensation than inside pipe routes. We strongly recommend routing some of this moisture around the fan to lengthen the life of the fan and so does the manufacturer.

The system on the right is preferred especially if you live where it's cold enough for ice to form regularly. The trap where the black hose originates will catch falling ice.

Cap + Elbow

System comes with nylon nipples tapped into a PVC 90º elbow and cap. 3' of vinyl hose and insulation included. Match to the size pipe of your system.

3" Condensation bypass......$19.95
4" Condensation bypass .....$22.95

Special Collar + Elbow

Nipples are tapped into a special PVC collar and 90º elbow. 3' of vinyl hose and insulation included. Match to the size pipe of your system.

3" Bypass collar......$18.95
4" Bypass collar .....$21.95

Without lower PVC fitting

Includes special collar with tapped nipple, 3' of hose and an extra nipple to tap into PVC below radon fan.  90 degree elbow not included.

3" Bypass w/o lower fitting installed......$16.95
4" Bypass w/o lower fitting installed .....$18.95

Transition fitting + Elbow

Includes special transition fitting, 90 degree elbow and 3' of insulated hose.

Note: 3" kit comes with a special bushing which sizes the upper end of the transition fitting from 4" to 3". Lower end of transition fitting has an outside diameter of 4", which will require a 3x4 coupling to attach to 3" radon fans.

3" Bypass w/transition fitting + special bushing......$40.99
4" Bypass with transition fitting .....$34.99

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