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Radon Vent Pipe Accessories

radon pipe

All systems need a guard on the exhaust pipe to protect the fan from critters and falling debris. Your exhaust pipe should point straight up so the gases disperse away from the building. Don't worry about the rain, the fan is designed to handle damp conditions.

Note: As seen in the photo, varmint guard and pipe can be painted black to help reduce ice build up.

Varmint Guard

Varmint guards measure 3.5" and 4.5" ID. Designed for Schedule 40 pipe.

3" Varmit Guard ......$8.75
4" Varmit Guard ......$8.95

PVC Radon Rain Caps

These caps can have problems with ice build up with temperatures below 15ºF for extended periods. Southern exposures and painting the cap a dark color will help to keep the cap free of ice longer.

Designed for Schedule 40 PVC

3" Rain Cap ......$18.95
4" Rain Cap ......$21.95

Radon Vent Roof
Flashing and Caulk

Quality roof flashing that will last for the life of most roofs.

  • Match pipe size to flashing. Will work with Schedule 20 & 40

Ultima Roof sealant is comparable to Lexel Sealant.

  • Applies in all weather  0ºF - 140ºF
  • Will adhere on wet and oily surfaces
  • Perfect for shingles and metal roofs
  • Great for gutter and downspouts

Learn how install a radon roof vent here....

3" Galvanized flashing ......$8.75
4" Galvanized flashing ......$8.95
Ultima Roof Sealant ..........$9.95

6" x 4" PVC Floor Bushing

4" x 6" Floor Bushing allows for a larger working area below the floor. Especially important when difficult soil conditions are anticipated. Bigger tools can be used to breakup and remove clay and hard pack dirt.

Note: Picture shows reduction to 3" pipe. Requires a small piece of 4" pipe and 4" to 3" PVC reducer. These items are available below for $6.95.

  • 6.5" hole required in floor
  • Small flange accepts 4" SCH 40 PVC
  • Can be reduced down to 3" pipe
  • Use backer rod and Dynatrol to seal
4" x 6" PVC Bushing .................$19.95
3" x 4" reducer and 4" of 4" pipe ......$6.95

PVC Trim Collars

Great for cleaning up a messy hole. Can be slipped on the pipe or there is a molded breakaway split to install after the pipe is in place. A little silicone will hold in position. Designed for schedule 40 pipe 3.5" & 4.5" ID.

3" Trim Collar ......$4.25
4" Trim Collar ......$4.45

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