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Sump Cover Accessories

When using a sump crock with a radon mitigation system make sure that:

  • Any pipes or cords that pass through the sump cover must be sealed
  • Use special drains that allow water down but stops air draw from the house

Below are several products to finished off radon mitigation systems that pass through a sump cover properly and make sure it eliminates your radon problem effectively.

Rubber Pipe Seals

Use pipe seals for discharge pipes and drain lines that pass through the sump cover. Seals sizes take in to account the outside diameter of common types of pipe: e.g. 1½" seals accommodate 1½" PVC which measures 1-7/8". 3" and 4" seals fit sch 20-40 PVC

Note: Cord seals can be modified to handle up to 4 cords.

For installation, see table below for hole saw sizes.

4" Uniseal .............$9.50
3" Uniseal .............$8.50
2" Uniseal .............$5.95
1½" Uniseal ...........$5.75
1¼" Uniseal ...........$5.75
1" Uniseal ...............$5.25
3/4" Uniseal ...........$5.25
1/2" Uniseal ...........$5.25
3/8" Uniseal ...........$5.25
2" Cord Seal ...........$5.95
2½" Cord Seal .........$6.25

Inspection Port

Beckson’s Screw-Out access plates are designed to provide access without the use of tools. Screw-out plates should be used in applications where changes in air or back pressure may occur.

This inspection port has a single non-jamming (no cross thread), self-cleaning buttress thread and self centering lid combine for a fluid tight seal without cross threading. The clear center plates permit observation without the necessity of removing the center.

All plates come standard with a gasket. Includes 6 stainless steel screws.

Clear Screw-off Inspection Port ......$16.95

Inspection Plug

Use to allow easy access to your sump pump.
Installs in a 4" diameter hole.

4" Inspection Plug .....$8.99

1.5" Rubber Coupling

Used to repair 1.5" PVC discharge pipe on sumps.

1.5" x 1.5" Black coupling ......$3.95

Foam Gasket Seal

Airtight and watertight seal for sump cover.

Foam Gasket Seal ......$4.95

Lexan Inspection Window

I use these 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" covers for non see through lids. I cut about a 4-1/2" hole, use a little silicone and 4 screws to attach. They allow for easy viewing and access to the pump.

Comes with a hole drilled in each corner and screws. 1/4" thick.

5-1/2" Lexan cover .....$3.95

Dranjer F-S2

This drain works great for a sump cover. It has a brass ring that will create a stronger seal if a radon mitigation system is installed in the sump cover.

Mounts below the cover.
A 2 3/4" hole is required.

Dranjer F-S2 .....$35.95

Dranjer JS-15 Sump Drain

The J-S15 Sump Valve is designed to fit into and become part of your sump cover.
It is a one way valve that allows water to flow into the sump but prevents Radon Gas, soil gas, insects and odors from entering your living environment.

Installing the JS15 requires cutting a 2-inch hole in your sump cover. The JS15 sump valve then bolts to the underside of the sump cover using the alignment collar which protrudes around the top of the JS15.

Dranjer JS-15 .....$29.97


This easy to install, low profile sump drain could just be the most compact, high-preforming sump drain available. This 4" deep drain is made of durable PVC and doesn't produce a whistling noise under vacuum. Includes a removable grate and ball for easy cleaning/maintenance. 

Additional specifications:

  • Flows 2.5GPM @4" of Vacuum
  • >3 GPM Maximum Flow
  • 2" NPT
HI-PERDRAIN Sump Drain .....$32.97

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